PROS: Competitive price; User-friendly interface; Five recovery methods


CONS: No chat support option


BOTTOM LINE: Imagining a virus hitting your computer or an accidental trash bin dump deleting your files is the kind of stuff nightmares are made of. Keep the bad dreams away with Amigabit Data Recovery and never deal with an accidental, intentional, or beyond-your-control deleted file again.


SUMMARY: Amigabit’s Data Recovery software has a user-friendly interface coupled with five different recovery methods to make finding and retrieving lost or deleted data a task that is easy, efficient, effective, and as hassle-free as possible. Priced competitively, Data Recovery won’t put too much of a dent in your wallet and will bring your files back from the dead -- and that’s definitely worth every penny.


Amigabit Data Recovery


What Does Amigabit Data Recovery Do?

Losing your favorite pictures, documents, or email messages could happen at any time and more often than you’d expect. Don’t leave your precious data to chance when a simple solution like Amigabit Data Recovery is available for purchase. This data recovery software utility enables users to quickly and easily locate and recover their lost, deleted, stolen, or accidentally formatted data, from photos and videos to music and documents to web pages. 


Our Findings

Data Recovery offers not one or two but five actual methods for recapturing lost data: Complete Recovery, Shortcut Mode Recovery, Fast Recovery, Format Recovery, and Raw Data Recovery. Complete Recovery fully recoups all data from any loss situation. Shortcut Mode Recovery enables users to specify the files they wish to locate and recover. Fast Recovery finds deleted files that were also emptied from the system’s trash bin. If you’ve unintentionally formatted your system, Format Recovery will dig up data that disappeared from the system. Finally, the most elaborate method is Raw Data Recovery which will deeply scan the affected system and uncover lost files even if this occurred due to corruption issues with the storage media or file systems.


Amigabit Data Recovery supports Windows operating systems (specifically Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP). In addition to Windows-based computers, the software supports other types of devices — namely, digital cameras, hard drives, memory cards/sticks, zip drives, cell phones, and other storage types.


Unlike some other utilities available that may be laced with all sorts of additional software or even adware, Data Recovery has none of that. You buy the utility, and that’s it. Plus, it doesn’t harm your data or your computer.


Amigabit Data Recovery Review | Data Recovery Software


Key Features

  • User-Friendly: Not everyone has the expertise to figure out a difficult software program and then use it to comb through the hard drive to try and locate missing data. Amigabit understands and solves this issue by giving users a simple, three-step process to go from missing data to complete recovery. The user interface is intuitive, enabling users to quickly and efficiently rediscover their lost data and restore it.
  • What’s Lost Is Found: Your grandparents’ 50th anniversary video. Your master thesis. Pictures from your honeymoon in Greece. That awesome music playlist from your backyard party. Think those memories and critical files are gone after your hard drive crashes or a virus wipes out everything? Data Recovery won’t let that happen — it recovers data that you thought was really gone for good and retrieves that data from a variety of sources, including media, documents, emails, and program files.
  • Preview: Once you’ve scanned files, you can opt to highlight a particular file before you actually have the software recover it. This is a great feature for such things like Word documents which may have similar sounding file names.


Needs Improvement

  • When experiencing issues, users can consult self-service information like FAQs and other documentation. To reach tech support, Amigabit asks customers to send messages via email. Chat service is not available.
  • Amigabit’s Data Recovery works best and is most effective when used immediately after something goes wrong (i.e. the system crashes or a virus hits). The longer a person waits before implementing the recovery tool, the chances of locating and reinstating the files decreases.


User Skill/Experience Required

The skill level for using Amigabit Data Recovery is not too in-depth. Data Recovery has been designed so that somebody with limited technical knowledge can use it to find files or information with ease.


Pricing & Where to Buy Amigabit Data Recovery

Amigabit Data Recovery currently costs$45.47, a price cut from the original $69.95 price tag. To encourage potential buyers to try out the program, Amigabit offers a free download version that will recover up to 2 GB of data. Learn more, purchase this software, or download your free trial by visiting Amigabit’s official website here.