PROS: Cost-effective data recovery software; Recovers 13 data types; Purchase is for a lifetime license; Free upgrades to new versions; Available for both Windows and Mac


CONS: License only works for one device


BOTTOM LINE: Don’t wait for your Apple device to crash or for you to accidentally delete something critical. 4VideoSoft's iOS Data Recovery is here to keep your information safe from all sorts of life’s mishaps.


SUMMARY: We all carry so much data with us on a daily basis by way of our smartphones and tablets. If you lost your iPhone or dropped it in a puddle, how would you recover your music, emails, or contacts? One affordable solution is to prevent data loss with 4VideoSoft iOS Data Recovery.


4VideoSoft iOS Data Recovery

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What Does 4VideoSoft iOS Data Recovery Do?

4VideoSoft iOS Data Recovery is a data restoration utility tool for all iOS devices, including iPhones, iPods, and iPads. Whether accidentally deleted or intentionally removed, this data recovery tool finds various kinds of files including contacts, text messages, iMessages, Safari bookmarks, music, video, WhatsApp, and more.


Our Findings

If you’ve ever fearfully combed through your iPhone desperately trying to find a contact or a work email you or your toddler accidentally deleted, you know what stress is. Never experience this type of situation again with 4VideoSoft iOS Data Recovery. The software locates and restores data quickly. Even if the device has been locked or lost, as long as you’ve backed up your data previously to iCloud or iTunes, iOS Data Recovery will find and reestablish your files.


First, iOS Data Recovery works to retrieve lost or deleted files from the device directly. If that method doesn’t work, the software scours for missing files from backups to iTunes and/or iCloud. Files you thought were irretrievable can be reinstated even from a water-logged iPhone or a misplaced iPad.


There are tons of other recovery utilities available for purchase to retrieve files for iOS devices. However, many of these competitor products are more expensive than iOS Data Recovery. While most others cost $50, $80, and even more, iOS Data Recovery costs under $40 and gives you a hassle-free way to find your files without costing an arm and a leg in the process.


Additionally, 4Videosoft iOS Data Recovery is safe to use and won’t cause any damage to any of your devices. Thus, it’s not malicious in any way.


4VideoSoft iOS Data Recovery Review | Data Recovery Software


Key Features

  • Supports Various iOS Devices: You’d expect iOS Data Recovery to support the newest Apple devices (which it does) like iPhone 7 Plus, but it also can locate missing or lost data for devices as far back as iPhone 3GS, iPad mini 2, and iPod Touch.
  • Different Recoverable Data Types: Even if multiple types of data have been erased, customers can still recover their files using this software. 13 different types of data files (i.e. music, call history, photo stream, calendar, and notes to name a few) can be retrieved and reinstated.
  • Easy Preview of Recovered Data: Once the device has been scanned, every form of data (except video) is presented to the user so that he or she can oversee it prior to recovering it. It’s important to note that Apple iCloud users alone cannot preview recovered data. This is a main feature for iOS Data Recovery.
  • Responsive Support: If anything goes wrong or issues arise with iOS Data Recovery, customers need only contact the vendor support team via email. Messages are most often returned within 24 hours. This One Business Day Email Service is available to both paying customers and those who have initiated the free trial.


Needs Improvement

  • While the trial version does provide the product’s full features, it will only convert files for five minutes.
  • Once a user purchases the full version, he or she must remember to register for that version. Otherwise, the system may still recognize the product under the trial version.
  • Although licenses are lifetime, each license will only work on one device according to 4VideoSoft. Additional licenses must be purchased for other devices.


User Skill/Experience Required

This product is marketed to be very user-friendly. A few straightforward steps guide the user through using iOS Data Recovery. Included with the instructions are screenshots to ensure that the user is on the right step and can follow along with minimal effort. 


Pricing & Where to Buy 4VideoSoft iOS Data Recovery

One lifetime license of 4VideoSoft iOS Data Recovery typically retails for $39.00. 4VideoSoft provides a 90-day money back guarantee on software purchases and upgrades to new versions are free. To learn more or purchase iOS Data Recovery, visit 4VideoSoft’s official website (Windows users, click here; Mac users, click here).