In today’s digital world, our cell phones have become such a major part of our everyday lives. Especially in a time when viruses, hacks, phishing scams, and ransomware are all over the web, it’s vital to protect our loved ones from falling victim.


Here are three smartphone apps you can download to your child or spouse’s phone to protect them and their data:


1. Panda Global Protection Antivirus

Panda Global Protection | Antivirus Software | Top 5 Power Guide

Panda Security offers a variety of security programs, but the Global package provides users with the full product suite. This comprehensive software incorporates all the features of the Basic and Advanced Packages, while also offering tuneup utilities, smart control for your smartwatch, and a useful password manager for computers, laptops, cell phones, and other devices. The app is easy to install and use, takes up little space, and provides your loved one(s) with a powerful source of protection.


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2. DDI Utilities Data Backup & Recovery

DDI Utilities Data Recovery

DDI Utilities is an incredible data management and recovery software that works with both Apple and Android devices, offers extensive extraction features, and recovers files with ease. By purchasing the product and activating the license key, your child, parent, or husband/wife will gain access to a user dashboard and the ability to recover an array of files, including text messages, call logs, calendar events and invites, and downloaded apps. In case of an emergency like a lost or stolen phone, accidentally shattering the phone screen, or deleting important information, DDI Utilities will be their lifesaver.


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3. Highster Mobile Cell Phone Monitoring App

Highster Mobile Cell Phone Monitoring Software Review | Top 5 Power Guide

Installing a mobile tracking app to your loved one’s phone will enable you to better monitor their behavior while out of your sight. More popularly used to keep tabs on children to make sure they’re not engaging in any negative online activity, these apps are also commonly used between spouses who want to see each other’s location, calendars, etc. Highster Mobile software has the ability to monitor devices in real-time and extracts all types of information like texts, social media messages, browser history, photos, videos, and more.


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Thanks for reading! We hope this post will help to protect your loved ones from data loss, hackers, and other digital issues. 🙂


In addition to Panda Security Global Protection, DDI Utilities, and Highster Mobile, there are many other options for antivirus protection, data recovery software, and cell phone spy apps — all of which you can read on our site here on Top 5 Power Guide! Check out other products available for purchase and download here now:


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