What would you do if your phone, computer, or tablet died on you right now? If all of your personal information, data, and files disappeared completely? Your passwords, music files, photos and videos, contacts, etc.? You’d probably freak, right? Most people would. But not me. Want to know why? Because I installed one of the best data recovery software programs around on all of my devices.


It’s hard to believe that a good majority of people who live, work, and play on electronic devices do not have a secure backup system set up. All it takes is one hack, virus, power surge, or drop in a toilet to lose everything. Believe me. I know. I seriously know at least one person who has lost most or all of their precious data and digital memories due to one of each event above.


data recovery software


People who lost everything because they didn’t have data recovery software on their devices:

  • My mom got hacked several years ago. Lost everything on her laptop … along with half of her mind.
  • My sister’s desktop got fried from a power surge. She spent weeks (as well as a small fortune) trying to recover most of everything (including her disturbingly large collection of Sonny and Cher bootleg recordings).
  • A good friend of mine contracted several infections … (four from suspect websites, one from an ex-girlfriend).
  • And three days ago, I watched my coworker drop his Android into an unclean toilet (accidentally) at work. He left the office immediately after that. No one has seen him since.


data recovery software


So, whether you use your devices to house all-important data pertinent to your everyday existence or to just entertain yourself throughout the day, make sure you install the best file recovery software you can find.


If you don’t know which is the best data recovery software for you, you’ll find tons of reviews on file recovery, DVD burning software, antivirus programs, and more.

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