Research shows that 92% of people will look up online reviews of a product, software, or service before going ahead with a purchase (source here). This isn’t just a statistic — it’s a truth that we can validate simply through reflecting on our own lives and personal experiences.


Think about it!


When considering where to go for dinner, you probably look up ratings of local restaurants. Similarly, you also most likely search for reviews on the company you’re planning to trust with your finances and tax information. Even businesses do a little digging on social media or through a people search engine to see if a potential employee is a right fit for the role.


These reasons are exactly why this website was created back in 2016. Top 5 Power Guide is dedicated to providing consumers — you, our readers! — with the most accurate and up-to-date information on software and services in a variety of categories, like cell phone spy software, dating services, fitness software, email marketing services, video editing software, and more. We are a team of researchers, testers, writers, and marketers who work both individually and together as a team to create all of the content (reviews and blogs) found within our site.


Whether you’re a business professional or a student, or you want to learn about the best antivirus software that’s currently on the market or how to decorate your home on a budget, there’s something on our site for people of all interests and ages. Seriously, we even have a senior dating service review on here. Our goal is to share reviews, tips, and valuable information for everybody who comes across our site, whether they have a love of logo creation, data recovery programs, or mobile monitoring devices.


So what’s our review process like? We acquire our information in several different ways:


  • We perform extensive research on both popular and lesser known brands to determine which products would be the best fit for our audience and website.
  • We establish relationships with those brands and then purchase, download, and test the software/service ourselves in-house.
  • We evaluate its strengths, weaknesses, pros, cons, customer support availability, pricing structure, and any other relevant features or functions.
  • We scour the web for user reviews, including stellar compliments and negative feedback.
  • Our research team combines all of this data and rates the software or service on a 5 star scale as well as a 10 point scale.
  • The research team sends this information off to our editorial department who then puts it together in a set format that’s easy to read and understand, upon which time it is published on the site for consumers to read.
  • Finally, all products and services are featured in a side-by-side comparison so you can quickly and easily see which one might be best for you.


That’s it!


We want to make it clear that we do not get paid to write our reviews. We do what we do because we have a passion for all things digital and we fully stand behind everything we test, research, and review. To keep our website alive, we ultimately need to monetize our efforts which occurs through advertising, sponsors, and affiliate relationships. These ways of generating revenue do not affect how we review our products, define our rankings, or create our content — we promise!


Last but not least, we always enjoy learning about what our visitors enjoyed reading or want to read next, so we welcome all feedback, inquiries, requests, and hellos! To get in touch, feel free to reach us via the form on our Contact page or on any of our social media profiles, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or YouTube.


Thanks for stopping by! We hope to hear from you and see you again soon.