Days in school were spent learning about right angles, the speed of light, and the year Columbus sailed the ocean blue (1492 in case you didn’t know). What they weren’t spent doing was giving students the building blocks they needed to prepare for the trials of being an adult. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


Here are 8 things about adulthood that you didn’t learn in school:


1. Credit score matters

You likely didn’t learn about how impactful your credit score would be while you were in school. In fact, you probably didn’t even learn what a credit score is at all! If you’re still not sure, there are services like that will help you learn all about it and stay on top of your ranking (for free!). Without good credit you can’t mortgage your house, rent an apartment, or lease a car, so understanding how it works is vital to your adult life.


2. How to do your taxes

8 Things About Adulthood That You Didn’t Learn In School

Leaving high school (and even college) most people think to themselves, “What on earth are taxes and how do they work and how do I file them and why do they make me want to pull my hair out?!” Yes, it can be tough, but there are resources to help make it easier. Look for reviews of financial planning software to find out more about which programs are most effective for you.


3. Dating

You may have had a significant other in your school days, but chances are it was never a serious relationship. Schools tend to try and teach you to stay away from romantic relationships, not how to achieve them (or particularly successful, healthy ones). Not everyone finds the dating world to be full of opportunity. Take a chance and get yourself out there by using an online dating service or app to find someone that’s right for you. Despite what the deep recesses of your mind say, you don’t have to be #foreveralone.

8 Things About Adulthood That You Didn’t Learn In School

4. Grocery shopping

Trips to the store with Mom were always boring, so you probably weren’t paying any attention. Now that you’re ready to start adulting, it’s time to ask for her help. Learn how to make a list and stick to it, as well as what foods will get you the most bang for your buck (while still keeping you healthy because, let’s face it, you can’t eat frozen pizza and instant noodles every night).


5. Maintenance

8 Things About Adulthood That You Didn’t Learn In School

As an adult, you’ll need to learn how to work with your hands and perform basic maintenance. Unless you’re rich, of course. Then you can hire someone to do it for you, so feel free to disregard this tip if that’s the case. If you’re one of the many who aren’t in that category, make sure you can check your oil levels, spackle a hole in the wall, tighten a screw, and change a tire, at the very least.


6. Negotiation

The best tip you will ever get in your adult life is that no one is trying to give you a fair deal. You are always, always, always going to be short-changed, but not if you know how to sell yourself and get what you want. Learn negotiation tactics to help you get the best price at flea markets and a starting salary that represents your true value.


7. Emotion management

8 Things About Adulthood That You Didn’t Learn In School

Being an adult is not as easy as it looks from the view of a child. In fact, your adult life will be 100x more stressful and more demanding than you ever imagined. You have bills to pay, a family to feed, and a job (or three) to juggle. There will be times when you will be heartbroken and still need to get your work done. There will be times when you are so stressed that you want to break down. Find outlets for these emotions to help you stay on track in your daily life with your many new adult responsibilities.


8. What insurance is and how it works

To be honest, most adults don’t even know anything about this. The bottom line is that you need insurance to protect you and your things. There are many types of insurance to deal with, including life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, home insurance, and even pet insurance. You pay a fraction of what you’re worth to the company each month, and when you have to file a claim, they shell out most of it for you. This is just a minute part of what insurance is, but it’s so much more complex than that. In order to make sure you’re getting the right coverage for your needs, you need to understand how it works.


Being an adult is hard enough, but hopefully now it’s a bit clearer for you. If you can conceive, you can believe, and you will achieve. Try hard and follow these tips and you’ll be a productive member of society in no time at all. Good luck!


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