The spring season is coming to a close, and the summer season is almost here… which means there are plenty of new date opportunities to take advantage of!


Here are 8 of our favorite date ideas for warm weather:


1. Go for a drive.

Sitting in the car, listening to good music, talking, and enjoying each other’s company can be an amazing date if you’re with the right person.


2. Hike a trail.

Put on your workout clothes and get active by going for a hike on a local (or faraway) trail!


3. Watch the sunset by the water.

Spend the last hour before the sun sets by the water with your date and enjoy the view together as the sun goes down.


4. Stargaze at night.

Stargazing is as beautiful as it is romantic. Plus, it’s a lot more enjoyable when it’s warm out!


5. Have a picnic.

Pack sandwiches, snacks, and drinks into a wicker basket along with some red-and-white checkered tablecloth and head to a nice grassy field to enjoy a meal together. **basket and checkered tablecloth are optional.


6. Take a walk.

Get in some exercise by taking a stroll through a park or a lap around your neighborhood.


7. Have a bonfire at the beach.

Grab your date and some friends that you met from PalTalk (if you want to make it more casual), buy makings for s’mores, and enjoy a nice fire in your backyard or by the water. Keep in mind, however, that fires may not be allowed on some beaches or parks, so be careful of the rules wherever you go.


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8. Go to a concert or music festival.

There are tons of concerts and festivals going on in the warmer weather. No matter which state you live in, you’ll be able to find one to attend at some point during the summer season.


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8 Date Ideas For Warm Weather (INFOGRAPHIC)