Budding moviemakers, YouTube stars, and students making projects alike already know the basics for making and sharing a video. To have your content taken seriously, however, you need to be certain that what you create is high quality work. That’s what will set you apart from the millions of others out there on the world wide web.


To improve your efforts, follow these 6 tips for producing better quality videos:


1. Plan beforehand

6 Tips For Producing Better Quality Videos

Just like any project you may take on, you need a plan of action before making any moves. A thoughtful, planned video is oftentimes much more successful than one created on the fly. Consider the theme, write out a script or guideline of points to address, and prepare the filming environment ahead of time. Don’t forget to practice! Practice makes perfect.


2. Cut out background noise

Any sort of noise going on while you are filming is going to distract from your message. Even if it’s very low, any sounds other than the intended ones are typically irritating to the viewer’s ear. This will also prevent them from wanting to stick around for the entirety of the video, impacting your watch count and engagement.


3. Improve lighting

6 Tips For Producing Better Quality Videos

Dark shadows across your face or blinding light blocking out your main subject are visually unappealing (unless, of course, that’s what you intended!). Proper lighting can make even the cheapest camera seem 10x better. Set up a few lamps aimed behind (but pointed away from) the subject of your video. This will properly reflect the light and add depth to the shot.


4. Use the proper equipment

Your cell phone camera and a flashlight are most likely not going to help you produce a quality video. There are phones on the market now that boast top resolution for filming, but if you don’t have one of these you’re out of luck. Make sure you are filming with a high resolution camera for optimal results. To improve the sound and picture qualities and add special effects, consider looking into an editing program for post-production support. Just make sure to always read reviews of video editing software before committing or you may end up wasting your hard earned money on something that doesn’t meet your needs.


5. Stabilize

6 Tips For Producing Better Quality Videos

Recording by hand often results in shaky filming, which can be difficult to watch and even trigger vertigo or dizziness for sensitive viewers. Always use a tripod to film if you have one available to you. If not, check out a stabilization software like muvee Turbo Video Stabilizer to prevent giving any of your viewers a headache.


6. Optimize text

If you plan to incorporate text as a visual, always make sure it follows the theme of the video itself. Text in general should be clean, simple, and easy to read. Do not include it if it does not add to the video in any way, otherwise it becomes a distraction from the important content.



That’s the best possible advice we can give you. If you’re looking to make your videos better, higher quality, and increasingly popular, follow these tips to see results on your efforts. Now get out there and start filming! Or as they say in the film industry: Lights, camera, action!



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