You’ve determined that the traditional ways of dating are not working out for you, so you’ve decided to try out the modern method of online dating. There are so many options available, but building a solid profile is the key to a successful experience in any app or site you ultimately choose to go with.


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Wondering how to create a successful online dating profile? Here are four tips to help you out:



1. Be true to your intentions.


Whether you’re on looking for a sugar daddy, PalTalk looking for something casual, or looking for Mr./Mrs. Right, knowing what you want out of the site/app you’re using is vital in finding it. Don’t settle or compromise. Be honest about what you’re seeking and openly communicate your intentions with anyone you match with (once the conversation opportunity presents itself) to avoid wasting time if you’re on two totally different pages.


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2. Share pictures of yourself that showcase the real you.


As shallow as it may sound, the pictures you choose to portray yourself are quite possibly the most important part of any dating profile. After all, your photos are the first impression you give off to potential matches.


…and we mean REAL pictures. Not ones with filters, not ones that have clearly been run through Photoshop, and no selfies that only show half of your face or selfies with a Snapchat dog filter.



Showcase your personality through the photos you choose. Share a variety of pictures — some ideas include you smiling with and without teeth, doing something you love, with your family, with your friends, etc. Some sites/apps enable you to upload anywhere from 1-8 photos, so pick the best ones that most accurately represent who you are.



3. Create a catchy bio.


What do you want your future date to know about you? What do you do for work? What are your hobbies and interests? Do you have any kids or pets? What about a favorite pickup line you like to use or a funny quote that might promote a good conversation?


Whatever you include in your bio, make sure it’s short, sweet, and captures your personality and/or sense of humor. Don’t write a 400-word essay, but compose a brief, personal blurb that will catch the attention of those looking at your profile.



4. Be yourself.



Don’t be a phony. Let your true self shine through.


Hiding behind fake photos or a false personality is counterintuitive — if things go well, your match is eventually going to meet the real you, so what’s the point of pretending to be someone you’re not? Just be yourself, and you’ll be able to foster a real connection with somebody, no matter what type of relationship you’re seeking.



Thanks for reading! We hope this helped you in your attempt to create a successful online dating profile. Good luck, and may the modern dating odds be ever in your favor. 😉


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