Website launch is a monumental venture for an organization (or individual) and, if done correctly, has great potential to generate positive press and grow the business. As a negative launch experience can set the tone for potential customers, the future of the company often relies on the success of its website. Because of this, it’s vitally important to take steps to ensure smooth sailing along the way.


To help you with this, here are 4 crucial tasks to complete before launching a website:


1. Proofread


The credibility of your company is represented by your ability to accurately express yourself and your business goals using impeccable spelling and grammar. Careless errors lead viewers to quickly dismiss your website. Be thorough and always remember that the spellcheck feature is not always correct.


2. Inspect all links

4 Crucial Tasks To Complete Before Launching A Website

Broken links are a major faux pas in the website world. To the user, bad links make your site difficult to navigate and seem like you did not put effort into appearance. Combat this judgment by testing every link along the way, ensuring each one goes to the correct page. There are several programs that can help you accomplish this, while simultaneously optimizing your website for search engines. Take a look at some business services and software reviews reviews to see what you might need.


3. Check for mobile compatibility


More than 50% of internet users browse the web from a mobile device or tablet. Not all web surfing is done from the computer, which means your site needs to be compatible with all devices in order to retain the highest number of site users (who you want to convert to clients or customers!). If not, you run the risk of losing business. Focus specifically on font size, text and photo alignment, and making links mobile-friendly.


4. Optimize design

4 Crucial Tasks To Complete Before Launching A Website

The site’s design should reflect your brand to a T. You want to ensure cohesion among your company so it becomes recognizable to potential clients. Be certain to make your logo clean, simple, on-brand, and promoted throughout all web pages.


Whether it’s your first time or your millionth time launching a website, these tasks will always need to be a part of your pre-launch checklist. Make sure you follow all the steps to achieve top results. Good luck!


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