These days, there’s really no such thing as too much protection, in every walk of life, but especially online. You need to protect yourself from scammers and hackers every day. Just recently a high school student in Houston was accused of hacking a school’s computer to change grades. What was once a far-fetched idea in the 80s movie War Games has now become reality. And although this specific investigation is on-going, the dangers of technology is an everyday threat to your personal and financial future.


What can you do about it? Being proactive about your antivirus software protection is a great first step.


Here are three reasons why you should protect your laptops and desktops with antivirus software:


1. We live online.

Identity theft is a very real issue. Are you banking online? Paying bills online? Are you shopping with your mobile phone and playing games? Of course you are! This is an on-the-go mobile world, so it’s important to install a software onto your frequently used devices that will safeguard your identity and all of your online transactions.


3 Reasons To Protect Your Device with Antivirus Software | Top 5 Power Guide


2. We live by email.

Every email we send is a historical document or a legal binder of something important, or not so important. Everything written by email can now live in a cloud. How can we make sure that cloud is protected? Take the first step by protecting your laptop or desktop computer with a powerful and trusted antivirus software like Norton Security Deluxe.


If you have any doubts, this Norton Security Deluxe review outlines why it’s such a great online protector. Did you know that with Norton you can protect up to five devices? That makes it ideal for families who use multiple devices, and who doesn’t these days? I know in our home we use a desktop, 3 laptops, 2 cell phones, and multiple tablets, and we send email from each device. They are all vulnerable to malware, phishing, adware, viruses and more.


3. We live by our apps.

Apps are life! We love our apps and use them daily. Current software reviews sites claim that Norton Security Deluxe is one of the greatest security and antivirus software products available because it also sends alerts about risky Android apps before you download them. Now when your five-year old daughter wants to download a new Talking Tom game, or you need to have that latest traffic app, this amazing product can send you an alert before you waste money buying. To download or not download – you make the decision, you’re in control with Norton.


Life online gives the modern world the most up-to-date convenience. Technology is essential to the way business is done, connects us socially, and can contribute to our overall happiness in life. Understanding and being proactive about protection and security is one important way to stay safe in the modern world.

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