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See the newest reviews created by our team of testers and authors.

Xara Web Designer Review | Easy Website Design Software

Xara Web Designer Review

Xara Web Designer is a one-tool solution that guarantees high-quality graphic-rich results. It’s easy to use and navigate and does not require HTML skills since you won’t really see codes anywhere. Review | Dating Services

Rating Review

Finding the right person to chat with over a cup of coffee, laugh with during a comedic movie, or spend a morning strolling through the park with doesn’t have to be difficult. This dating website will enable you to find the man or woman with whom you can share mutual activities, date and build relationships, travel, and enjoy companionship.

Iolo System Mechanic Pro | Utility Software | Top 5 Power Guide

iolo System Mechanic Pro Review

iolo System Mechanic Pro is a powerful all-in-one PC tune-up utility software specifically designed to restore the optimum performance and efficiency of any computer.

highster mobile review

Cell Phone Spy
Highster Mobile Cell Phone Monitoring Review

Through easy-to-use cell phone spy software, Highster mobile enables you to remotely access a target device from your own phone, tablet, or laptop and see texts, calls, GPS locations, photos and videos, browser history, emails, and all other information (including deleted items).

Easy Spy Review | Cell Phone Spy Software | Top 5 Power Guide

Cell Phone Spy
Easy Spy Review

Easy Spy enables you to know about the target user’s activities and whereabouts without physically accessing their device (excluding during the installation process). It’s programmed with advanced modern features meant to provide efficient and reliable monitoring without the need for any special equipment or skill. 

Easy Spy provides real-time access to activities within the target device, including GPS locations, text messages, call logs, multimedia files, web searches, social media activities, and more. It enables users to also view incoming, outgoing, new, old, and even deleted files or activity logs.

SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor Review | Photo Editing Software | Top 5 Power Guide

Photo Editing
SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor Review

If you’re looking for full-featured, affordable, easy-to-use image enhancement and photo editing software, SoftOrbits Simple Photo Editor is the perfect product for you. This software offers plans for non-commercial home use, as well as business, corporate, or government needs.